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I'm off work tomorrow so hopefully I can get a little art done.  I'm so slow with art these days lol
Foal Design - The Winter Soldier by amour-interdit
Foal Design - The Winter Soldier
His adult reference is good, but I had to fix the foal design so the lavender on the legs was gone.  Now he should be good for group submission.

Adult Ref:…
Breeding Pic (with original foal design) :…

Both of these links have all of the required lineage and whatnot listed.  I'll fix this one up to look pretty on Thursday.

Lines: abosz007

January 31, 2016


- If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I'm usually pretty quick at replying
- Submit your entries via comment to the entry journal. (Link provided above)
- You can enter as many horses as you wish.
- Entries need this information in the artist comments - Doesn't have to be in that order
Stable Name
Horse's Name
Link to Horse's Reference
Name of this Show
Class Entered

- Harlequines only (BLs should be registered with O-H-S or at least working on it.)
- Reference required to enter show.
- Horses may be of any age unless ridden or driven (at least 4 years)...please be somewhat realistic there.  A 4 year old might do a very beginner move but is highly unlikely to be able to complete more complicated moves/jumps, etc.  Foals may compete in halter/liberty type classes and may be shown with the dam.  Horses under 4 may not be ridden or driven.
- Horses must have clean lines and be colored.
- Shading is optional.
- Handlers (for halter type classes) are not required.
- Riders and Drivers must be at least partially visible.
- One horse per entry, please except for foals being shown with dam.
- Backgrounds are required, and here are examples of what we would allow.  Just do whatever you want :)  Full backgrounds and edited photo backgrounds are allowed as well.  Edited photos won't get as many points, and straight photos/no background will lose you points.  Our outdoor arena is a simple three board wooden fence.  There will be a dressage railing up for the halter, color, and dressage classes with red and white tulips in small flower pots.
Closer by amour-interditJOY - Mini Halter by amour-interditHarlequine Portrait - Freak by amour-interditSick-Stee in action by abosz007Sidekicks Comeback by abosz007Renting the word Royal by abosz007

- Headshot to 3/4 body

- Class separated into BL and CL divisions (if you have partbreds they will be counted in CL)
- Full body
- Horse may only have a halter and be pictured at a halt.  Follow build standard (square, parked out, etc.)

- Classes separated into Champagne, Classical, Dilute, Flaxen, Grey, Pearl, and Silver divisions
- Full body
- Any pose allowed (like liberty) but try to show off color/design to best advantage
- No tack permitted

- Portrait to full body
- Halter or no tack
- You must have permission to draw other artists' horses
- Horses in image must be related by blood.
- Prize donors are permitted to only draw one horse from the entry if they so wish so make sure you signify which one you want drawn.  If they draw all horses that is up to them.

- Full body
- Any move
- Partial or all rider showing


- Full body
- Any size/type jump
- Partial or all rider showing

- Full body
- Single and double teams only
- Any type of pulled vehicle
- Pulled vehicle and driver/passengers do not have to be visible, but please have entire harness in view.

- Full body
- Any discipline/move
- Partial or all rider showing

Grand Champion (1)
Grand Champion by amour-interdit donated by amour-interdit
- Harlequine commission (custom design or picture) by amour-interdit
- First choice of designs - ShowPrizes and ShowPrizes2- by Carousel-Stables
- Breeding to any Somesmera Harlequine if desired by amour-interdit
Reserve Grand Champion (1)
Reserve Grand Champion by amour-interdit donated by amour-interdit
- Harlequine commission (design or picture) by amour-interdit
- Second choice of designs - ShowPrizes and ShowPrizes2- by Carousel-Stables
First Place (8)
 First Place by amour-interditdonated by amour-interdit
- Portrait of winning horse by amour-interdit
Second Place (8)
Second Place by amour-interdit donated by amour-interdit
Third Place (8)
Third Place by amour-interdit donated by amour-interdit
First in Division (6)
BL Division by amour-interditCL Division by amour-interditClassic Division by amour-interditChampagne Division by amour-interditDilute Division by amour-interditFlaxen Division by amour-interditGrey Division by amour-interdit- donated by amour-interdit
Participation by amour-interdit donated by amour-interdit


-- Judged by amour-interdit (and 2 or 3 more judges for an average score.)
--------- I will not judge my own entries, but they will have equal enough chance at placing.

-- Judges are allowed to enter, but may not judge their own piece.  

- 1-20 RNG 
- 1-40 Creativity (1-10 for Overall Composition, 1-10 for Color Scheme, 1-10 for Dynamic Posing, 1-10 Effort)
- 1-10 Follows rules (mostly that you put necessary information in the artist comments and followed class specific rules)
+10 for a hand drawn background
+5 for solid color or edited photo background
-5 for photo background
-5 for no background
+1 for advertising via poll (maximum 1)
+2 for advertising via journal (maximum 1)
+2 for donating any prizes 
Out of 85 points

The last three are only +1 and +2 because I will allow them to be used on a maximum of 5 entries.
Sorry, I've still not been on in a while.  I ended up getting the stomach flu just hours after my "moving" update.  Fun, right?  I'm still recovering because I moved, unpacked, and didn't allow my body to rest.  I've been on meds for symptoms, but the flu just needed/needs to ride itself out.  I'm mostly better so I'll try to do some art, but I'm also job searching so I have no idea what my schedule will be like.  It all depends on what kind of job I find.  There are a lot of stables around here so if I'm lucky I can find something at those.  If I'm not quite as lucky....I'll get another office job xD

Wish me luck.  If anyone lives in Chicago/Napervill, IL and knows of possible work feel free to let me know. Seriously :stare:

I love you guys!!!

I'm moving tomorrow so I likely won't be on at all tomorrow and maybe a limited time Tuesday.  Hopefully, I'll get things set up quickly and have space to stretch out and do more art :D

Love you all!!!

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AthenaMyth Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015
Dang it woman, why are all your favourite horses double dilutes??
amour-interdit Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Not all of them are lol.  I do have lots and lots that are "normal"  colors.  You're just looking at the doubles.  Feel free to roam over the others that need some love.  Seriously, there are loads I want to draw all of the time.
AthenaMyth Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015
Haha I know. ^^ There are a few you do like to come back to though. Just me being foolish.

 I've got a special someone picked out though that I think you'll be happy with. And they'll show up on white paper. :P
amour-interdit Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I should try painting or drawing one of my ponies...the lack of ctrl+z makes it difficult for the perfectionist in me xD
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ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
Holiday Card Project and Christmas cards
and if you could please show mapal. I haven't seen her around lately. I'm worried, I hope shes ok
amour-interdit Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey :)  Mapal is doing well.  We're both just super busy with work and hardly have art time these days, unfortunately.  I'll show her that link when I can and we'll see what we can do :)
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
Hi sweety. Ohhh I see. Glad you guys are ok though. Well that link is for both you! just so you know. I'd love to be able to send you two cards if possible. :huggle:
mapal Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I missed this :( thank you for the thought <3
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cheddarbug Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
You have sent in the new references for the peafries, right? Once they are accepted into the group I can get a roll :)
amour-interdit Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
*facepalm*  Yep.  That's the one step I obviously didn't get done. 
Haha I'll get on that right now.
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